Our affordable, environmentally-friendly
alternative to traditional propane, oil, gas & stick
wood heating methods is safe and effective
in keeping you warm during the cold winter
months. From home to business A-Maize-Ing Heat will keep your heating costs down and your savings up. 

As we travel around the country displaying our biomass furnace, we are approached by a number of people that have never heard of a biomass furnace.  Many will be familiar with pellet stoves and corn stoves.  However a biomass furnace is something new to them.  A few will refer to the unit as a wood pellet stove, wood pellet furnace, corn stove, or a corn furnace.  While it will burn those fuels, it will also burn other fuels.  As the term multi-fuel furnace, or biomass furnace suggests, it will burn a wide range of fuel from wood pellets and corn, to wheat, oats, and cherry pits.

The A-Maize-Ing Heat biomass furnace is designed to heat an entire building.  Thermostatically controlled, the system can be connected to ductwork and provide heat throughout the building.  As a multi-fuel, biomass furnace, it can utilize a range of renewable fuel sources.  The fuel feed rate is adjustable to accommodate the particular biomass fuel and the size of the space requiring heat.  By making a few, simple adjustments, it is possible to go from corn, to cherry pits, to wood pellets as the fuel source.


    • Greatly reduce your heating cost during the winter season
    • Use locally available biomass fuel
    • Thermostat controlled for consistent, comfortable heat
    • Low maintenance
    • Environmentally safe
    • Burns clean leaving little ash
    • Free yourself from dependance on foreign oil and propane
    • Wood pellets are manufactured and sold locally
    • Eliminates the problems with storing stick wood: insects, bark mess, splinters, storage
  • Less creosote buildup means less maintenance and a greatly reduced chance for flue fires
    • Not currently available in the state of Washington

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“I was
heating my 3000 sq. ft. Greenhouse with propane and stick wood but the high cost of propane and the wood stove needing to be filled 3-4 times a day in the winter, I knew I had to do something

Installing the A-Maize-Ing Heat wood pellet forced air unit last fall was the best thing I have ever done. Not only have I drastically reduced my heating cost, the low
maintenance has given me several hours a day, extra time to do more productive things. I have now expanded to 5000 sq. ft and I would recommend this system to any serious greenhouse grower”
-Nathan N. MO


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